FMSFacility Management Systems

Facility Management Systems are integrated building equipment control systems. Building automation based on this type of system gives the ability to monitor and manage all devices and systems located both in the building and its surroundings. Buildings equipped with FM systems collect information from all systems in one place, which makes it possible to react in real time to any changes. The system analyses the external and internal factors on an ongoing basis to achieve optimal conditions (energy and media consumption) and improve functionality, safety and comfort. Building control systems fulfil the functions of: integration, monitoring, control and optimization of the operation of installations and technical devices in modern buildings.

We offer building automation systems for industrial applications. Facility Management Systems are characterized by focus on the optimization of production processes, enabling reduction of the costs of servicing industrial infrastructure. Thanks to IBMS systems, it is possible to realize the following functions:

  • Intelligent control of indoor and outdoor lighting based on individual settings, light intensity measurements, time sensors, motion detectors.
  • Room heating control based on accurate measurements of temperature, humidity and integration of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. This allows you to avoid situations in which heating and cooling devices operate simultaneously.
  • Control of ventilation, air conditioning, blinds, e.g. based on information sent from the weather station, time sensors, etc.
  • Alarm and monitoring systems.
  • Emergency power supply systems.
  • Safety systems, for example, in the event of a fire hazard, the safety system activates sprinklers, the oxygen supply from the room is shut off, all locks are opened, allowing evacuation, etc.

IIoTIndustrial Internet of Things

The thing that unites people, processes, data and objects into a network of connections more important and valuable than ever before, is the Internet-of-Things (IoT). As a part of these dependencies, information–data translate into activities that create new opportunities, richer experiences and unprecedented economic prospects for people and enterprises. The industry has the term Industrial-Internet-of-Things, IIoT, which enables mutual communication between machines and production management systems.

We offer implementation of applications based on the idea of IIoT. Our machines are prepared to be connected to the decision-making systems. We enable the communication and implementation of complex control processes of interconnected industrial systems and technologies. We also pay special attention to the safety of process data by designing solutions, so as to effectively protect the client's network against malicious attacks. We implement application on both "greenfields" (newly emerging objects) and "brownfields" (objects already functioning). In our applications, we use devices of recognized and proven suppliers

Manufacturing Execution SystemsMES

MES class systems are complete systems for the management of production performance. They enable efficient collection of information in real time directly from the production stations (machinery, production lines) and transferring them to the business area. Information on the implementation of production can be downloaded directly from the machine or with the participation of production staff. Thanks to this functionality, we get immediate feedback on the level of production performance, and thereby we control the process in real time and respond immediately to irregularities occurring during production. The acquired data make it possible to analyse key performance indicators and processes to obtain the true picture of the use of the company's production capacity . Manufacturing execution systems complement the production process management systems, providing information on the bottlenecks in the production system, the cost of machinery operation, their failure rates and more. The data allow for the implementation of algorithms that are optimal for the reparation of the machinery, increasing the effectiveness and reducing maintenance costs.

Production optimizationEnergetic efficiency

In order to optimize the use of media in production and minimize the production of waste, we offer comprehensive solutions in the field of media monitoring. Our solutions make it possible to achieve significant cost reduction in the production area.

The demand for energy increases with the number and use of devices. Optimization of energy systems includes increasing the share of renewable sources, storage of surplus production and more efficient transport. The solution may be innovative energy or power systems called smart grid or smart energy. Thanks to the addition of a communication layer between energy market participants, these systems aim to ensure an efficient use of energy by directing it where it is needed at a given moment. These systems are characterized by full automation based on advanced sensors and teleinformation networks
We offer our clients the implementation of appropriate installations to ensure the greatest possible optimization of energy consumption in industrial processes. We implement tasks related to monitoring energy efficiency and improving it.