Programming andIntegration of robots

We offer you the selection, delivery, design and installation of industrial robots for various applications. From palletizing projects, through transport details, welding and painting. In our projects, we use robots from recognized manufacturers. We have extensive experience in the food, chemical and automotive industries, including many foreign ones. We build workstations with single robots, as well as whole robotic lines. We realize orders from the project to programming. We offer simulation of robot tasks in the workspace. We program off-line and on-line robots.

Our applications are made with all due diligence. We care about the repeatability and precision of robot movements. We make optimal trajectories. In projects, we also focus on work safety with robots by performing integration in accordance with the relevant technical standards.

Design and constructionRobot cells

We carry out electrical and mechanical projects of robot cells for all industries. Our applications are scalable and fully ensure the handling safety of work related to robots. The cells are protected against accidental entry and unexpected robot operation. To build cells, we use proven technical components from recognized suppliers. All fences have appropriate safety certificates. We design our robot cells taking into account the requirements of current technical standards.

We offer designs, execution, delivery and assembly of complete robot cells applications. We equip our cells with all the tools that are necessary to work with the robot. Our cells meet all the stringent requirements concerning their construction. Our robot cells applications are marked with the "CE" mark and accompanied by the "EC Declarations of Conformity". Each application goes through the internal "Compliance Assessment" process. We implement our projects in accordance with the "Full Quality Assurance" procedure.

Maintenance of robotsRobots service

Each robot downtime at the workstation generates losses in production. Efficiency falls and there are delays in the delivery. We offer you service of robotised workstations. Thanks to continuous monitoring of the technical condition of your robots, their failure rate can be reduced. This translates into an increase in production efficiency indicators and ensuring the continuity of production.

We offer term contracts for cyclic services and contracts for 24/7 service availability. We have our own spare parts warehouse and we provide fast delivery of components from suppliers. We offer spare parts at attractive prices, far below list prices. We also offer dedicated warehouses of spare parts and support for external storage.