Support at the investment levelInvestor supervision

Both the machine manufacturer and every user have to meet a number of legal requirements related to ensuring an adequate level of safety when working with the machines. Machine manufacturers are required to fully comply with the applicable rules on the essential health and safety requirements for the design and manufacture of machinery. On the other hand, machine users are required to comply with the minimum safety and hygiene requirements for the use of work equipment by employees at work. Thus, both parties are required to organize their work according to the respective regulations. Every company that makes or uses machines should employ a competent person dealing with the subject of machine safety. Such a person should exercise control over the compliance of machines with the design and order, legal provisions and principles of technical knowledge. The tasks of such a person should also include checking the quality of performed works and developing appropriate reports on the assessment of compliance with legal requirements.

Audits and reports on the inspection of machines and workstationsMachinery conformity assessments

The production of machinery and equipment of various types and purposes is an essential element of new investments, and their safety, reliability and performance is crucial as far as their use is concerned. Also machines which are in use require constant control to minimize the risk of potentially dangerous incidents.

The assessment of machines at the producer’s (new machines - basic requirements) or the user’s (used machines - minimum requirements) site allows you to verify, if a given machine meets all legal requirements for safety and health in accordance with the relevant EU regulations.

Assistance in meeting essential requirements for designers of machines and industrial installationsDesigner support

It is not possible to build a machine or installation of a technological process that will meet the investor's requirements and manufacturer's promises without a good design. Regardless of whether you are talking about the implementation of projects for your own use or intended for an external user, each of them must meet the relevant requirements. We offer full support at the design stage.
As a trusted partner in building a sustainable market for machines and industrial installations, we provide comprehensive assistance in solving both typical and less standard design problems. Thinking about the needs of designers and installation engineers, we have a set of tools, CAD libraries, calculators and substantive materials, thanks to which the selection of the right technical solution will be not only fast, but most of all appropriate.

Implementations, services, maintenance, inspections, adaptationUser support

For our clients, we offer full technical support in the implementation of technological processes, preparation of workstations or fulfilment of formal requirements so that the machine park can be approved for use. We offer modernization of machines and industrial installations, adaptation to minimum requirements and retrofit of brownfield installations so that they are in accordance with latest technological trends.
We offer the opportunity to purchase service contracts which are billed on an hourly basis or within an agreed subscription.
We perform periodic inspections of machines and installations, as well as carry out work related to the continuous maintenance of the safety level at workstations, in accordance with the requirements for health and safety at work.