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    Reliable solutions

Innovative approachIndustrial Automation

In our applications, we focus on innovation. We believe that by using modern technologies, we provide our clients with optimal solutions, both in terms of economy and production efficiency. The solutions that we offer are based on equipment from reputable suppliers. Through close and direct cooperation with the suppliers, we offer applications at attractive prices, while maintaining quality. We implement our applications in accordance with the spirit of "Smart Factory" - our production systems are flexible, individualized and adapted to the requirements of the evolving economy.


Tailored solutionsProfessionalism

We implement projects tailored to customer requirements. Considering the quality of services and the customer's requirements, we choose the optimal solution for the presented problem. W e focus on reliability, scalability and easy handling of our applications. Through constant communication with our clients, we continuously monitor the functioning of the delivered machines and installations. Respecting the customer's time, we offer diagnostic and on-line service solutions with 24/7 support and maintenance services, along with ad hoc service.


Flexible solutions

We believe that an increase in productivity and its effectiveness depends primarily on the company's innovation level.
Modern economy creates the need for modern solutions. Through individual approach to each client, as well as non-standard solutions, we provide our partners with products and services tailored to their needs, using state-of-the-art technology.

Combining our curiosity of issues related to computer engineering, industrial automatic control and modern technology with many years of experience, we meet your expectations with the belief that our services are of the highest level.

The mission

We believe that innovations introduced by the entrepreneurs are the driving force of the economy. Just as in nature, only businesses that evolve in a timely and appropriate way have a chance to survive.

Innovation involves creating new products and services that provide businesses with greater investment profits and returns, which translates to greater competitiveness. Innovation includes also activities that increase social welfare and stimulate social development.

Our team consists of specialized engineers and technicians who present extensive knowledge specific to a variety of industries, and a great wealth of experience in various industries. We always act in accordance with applicable laws, restrictive European directives, as well as ISO standards and procedures which apply for the client.

They trusted us